GROOM Season 2

New Season Premieres

World premiere
Comedy - Comédie | France | 2020

Episodes 1 to 3
Series 10 x 22 min
In French, with English subtitles

William is the son of a wealthy luxury hotel owner. He spends his life enjoying his father’s money until his 30th birthday party when he hurts a bellboy employed at the hotel. It’s the final straw for his father, who decides to disinherit William. If the latter wants to recover his past life, he will have to work for the first time in his life and as a bellboy to start from the bottom.

  • created by Axel Maliverney
  • written by Adrien Ménielle, Florent Bernard, Jérôme Niel, Robinson Latour, Sophie-Marie Larrouy
  • directed by Théodore Bonnet
  • Music Simon Meuret
  • With Jérôme Niel, Adrien Ménielle, Constance Labbé, Marie Lanchas, Vincent Tirel, Myra Bitout, Oumar Diaw, Julie Ferrier, Nicolas Marié
  • production Studio Bagel Productions
  • broadcast by YouTube

23 March

Le Nouveau Siècle
18:00 - 19:55