Ulven kommer

International Competition

World premiere
Drama | Denmark | 2020

Episodes 1 & 2
Series 8 x 58 min
In Danish, with French and English subtitles

14-year-old Holly’s family is torn apart by her school essay detailing violence at home. Dedicated social worker Lars is assigned to the case. Convinced by her story, he places Holly and her seven-year-old brother Theo in foster care. But when central family members – including Holly’s stepfather – claim that the essay is nothing more than teenage rebellion, Lars’ sense of certainty begins to fray at the edges. Are children to be always trusted? How much emotional turmoil can one family take? And who is really telling the truth?

OUR TAKE Juxtaposing multiple viewpoints and forcing each character to face their own moral dilemmas, Cry Wolf explores the hot topic of male violence and questions the credibility of a child’s words through the prism of social drama. Carried by a larger-than-life young actress, this drama offers a refined realistic approach to the end of innocence and the ambiguous quest for truth.

  • written by Maja Jul Larsen
  • directed by Pernille Fischer Christensen, May El-Toukhy, Samanou Sahlsrtrøm, Niclas Bendixen
  • music Christian Balvig
  • with Bjarne Henriksen, Peter Plauborg, Christine Albeck Børge
  • production DR Drama
  • international sales DR Sales
  • broadcast by DR (Denmark)

22 March

Le Nouveau Siècle
17:30 - 19:55
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Pernille Fischer Christensen

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Maja Jul Larsen

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Claudia Saginario

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24 March

11:45 - 13:40