International Panorama

european premiere
Drama | Australia | 2020

Episode(s): 1 & 2
Series: 8 x 56min

Nik Katira is a psychiatric nurse and works at the Wakefield hospital. Extremely skilled at his job, he has a real gift to appease his patients and handle the difficult cases. But Nik secretly fights his own demons. What would happen if the sanest man in the psychiatric ward started to lose his mind?

Available on Saturday 08/28 at 5 p.m. and for 24 hours on seriesmaniadigital.com
Limited tickets: reservation from 9 a.m. the day before

Our take

The crossover stories of the patients at the Wakefield hospital, Nik, le most empathetic of all nurses, and the rest of the staff, more than often beset by doubt… Nothing really depressing, though. On the contrary, it is  funny, moving, sweet… a beautiful Australian gem.

  • Created By Kristen DUNPHY
  • Written By Monica KUMAR, Sam MEIKLE, Joan SAUERS, Cathy STRICKLAND
  • Directed By Jocelyn MOORHOUSE, Kim MORDAUNT
  • Music Caitlin YEO, Maria ALFONSINE
  • With Rudi DHARMALINGAM, Geraldine HAKEWILL, Mandy MCELHINNEY, Felicity WARD
  • Production Jungle Entertainment
  • International sales BBC Studios Distribution
  • Broadcaster ABC TV (AUSTRALIA), Showtime

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