The Rope

Special Screenings

world premiere
Drama - Fantasy | France | 2020

Episode(s): 1, 2 & 3
Series: 3 x 52min

Adapted from the novel The Rope/ Das Seil by Stefan aus dem Siepen

A small group of scientists on a remote base in Norway uncovers a mysterious Rope, apparently endless, skirting their observatory and meandering into the vast expanse of forest. Some will follow, others will stay. As the whimsical foray transforms into a dogged quest to unravel the mystery, each and all be confronted with the heavy consequences of their choices.

Available on Tuesday 08/31 at 8 p.m. and for 24 hours on
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Our take

Complete mini-series in three episodes, this very unusual production, adapted from a German novel; approaches a unlikely issue, mix of suspense, fantasy and metaphysics. Supported by an incredible cast, director Dominique Rocher, noticed for his first feature film La nuit a dévoré le monde, confirms that he is one of the most intriguing figures of the fantasy genre in France.

  • Created By Dominique ROCHER
  • Written By Dominique ROCHER, Eric FORESTIER
  • Directed By Dominique ROCHER
  • Music Grégoire HETZEL
  • With Suzanne CLÉMENT, Jean-Marc BARR, Christa THERET, Tom MERCIER, Richard SAMMEL, Jakob CEDERGREN, Planitia KENESE, Jeanne BALIBAR
  • Production Les Films de l'Instant , ARTE FRANCE, VERSUS PRODUCTION
  • International sales WILD BUNCH TV
  • Broadcaster ARTE