Midnight Comedies

national premiere
Dramedy - Romance - Comedy | United Kingdom | 2020

Episode(s): 1 & 2
Series: 6 x 30min

A drunken New Year’s Eve hook up between Jessie and Tom becomes complicated when Jessie finds out that Tom is an international film star. His fame and her doubt collide to make what should be the beginnings of a relationship far more will they/won’t they than either of them could imagine.

Available on Saturday 08/28 at 10 p.m. and for 24 hours on
Limited tickets: reservation from 9 a.m. the day before

  • Created By Rose MATAFEO
  • Written By Rose MATAFEO, Alice SNEDDEN
  • Directed By Karen MAINE
  • Music SEGAL
  • With Rose MATAFEO, Nikesh PATEL, Emma SIDI, Al ROBERTS, Jo BARNES, Sindhu VEE, Inaya MIAH, Rohan KUMAR, Paul G. RAYMOND, Dan POINTING
  • Production Avalon
  • International sales AVALON DISTRIBUTION
  • Broadcaster Bbc One