Nona and her daughters

French Competition
Regional Screenings

world premiere
Comedy Drama | France | 2021

Episode(s): 1,2 & 3
Series: 9 x 30min

In love with André and freed from her three 40 year old daughters she adores, Nona, 70 years old, lives life to the full, in the heart of the Parisian neighbourhood of Goutte d’Or. Until doctor Truffe tells her that she is pregnant…

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Our take

In her first series, with her usual inventiveness, Valérie Donzelli questions the figure of motherhood and approaches the delicate topic of the rights of women to choose what they want to do with their body. Juggling with the ideas of time, memories, femininity and desire, the filmmaker draws four portraits of unusually complex women, surrounded by colorful male characters. Deliciously insidious !

  • Created By Valérie DONZELLI, Clémence MADELEINE-PERDRILLAT
  • Written By Valérie DONZELLI, Clémence MADELEINE-PERDRILLAT
  • Directed By Valérie DONZELLI
  • Music Philippe JAKKO
  • With MIOU-MIOU, Virginie LEDOYEN, Valérie DONZELLI, Clotilde HESME, Barnaby METSCHURAT, Rüdiger VOGLER, Antoine REINARTZ, Christopher THOMPSON, Léonie SIMAGA, Michel VUILLERMOZ
  • Production GAUMONT, Rectangle Production, ARTE FRANCE, SWR/ARD
  • International sales GAUMONT
  • Broadcaster ARTE, SWR/ARD