Meeting with : Muriel Robin

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Muriel Robin can move you from laughter to tears, role after role. She first reveals her talents on the stage: like an incredible chameleon, she already disappeared behind the characters in her hilarious skits, such as “Le salon de coiffure” or “L’addition”, who made her one of the iconic comedians in France, becoming a pioneer for today’s standuppers.

On TV, she often shows her talent as a dramatic actress, thanks to very memorable roles, like in Marie Besnard, l’empoisonneuse by Christian Faure, Mourir d’aimer by Josée Dayan, a director who employs in numerous fictions, but also in Jacqueline Sauvage : c’était lui ou moi by Yves Rénier, or more recently in Le premier oublié by Christophe Lamotte.

So many TV films highlight her own political conscience, especially about violence against women or the struggle against Alzheimer’s disease. These topics will be discussed during
this exceptional meeting, with excerpts illustrating specifically her major roles on TV… up to her own character that she plays in the latest season of French cult series Dix pour cent !

Masterclass moderated by Claire Chazal (Passage des arts).

This meeting will be entirely in French.

Available on Monday 08/30 at 4.30 p.m. live and until 03/09 at 11.59 p.m. on