L’Opéra – Séance plein air

Special Screenings

world premiere
Drama | France | 2020

Episode(s): 1,2,3 & 4
Series: 8 x 45min

At the world-renowned Paris Opera, Zoé, a 35-year-old Principal dancer with a dazzling career, has recently faltered: too many parties, lovers, anxieties. In danger of being laid off, Zoé will have to come to terms with the institution, her peers, and especially her own demons if she is to earn herself a second chance.
Meanwhile, Flora, 19, a young black dancer, has just joined the company and has only a few months to carve out a place for herself and prove her mettle.

And the flamboyant and ambitious Sébastien, 38, the new Director of Dance, wants to make the Paris Opera Ballet shine even brighter in the firmament of international dance.

  • Showrunner Cécile DUCROCQ
  • Created By Cécile DUCROCQ, Benjamin ADAM
  • Written By Cécile DUCROCQ, Benjamin ADAM, Simon JABLONKA, with Julie-Anna GRIGNON, Nicolas CASTRO
  • Directed By Cécile DUCROCQ, Stéphane DEMOUSTIER, Laïla MARRAKCHI, Inti CALFAT, Dirk VERHEYE
  • Music Marco PRINCE
  • With Ariane LABED, Suzy BEMBA, Raphaël PERSONNAZ, Hortense DE GROMARD, Adrien DEWITTE, Sarah LE PICARD, Yannick RENIER, Loris FREEMAN, Maud JUREZ, Annabelle HETTMANN, Brigitte SY, Mehdi DJAADI, Samy CAFFONNETTE, Damien CHAPELLE, Peter BENEDICT, Carole Trévoux
  • Production ORANGE STUDIO, Victoria Production (Label de Newen France), BELGA PRODUCTIONS, PROXIMUS
  • International sales Newen Connect
  • Broadcaster OCS, PROXIMUS