International Competition

world premiere
Drama | Israel | 2021

Episode(s): 1 & 2
Series: 10 x 50min

Amir is a police officer in the cosmopolite district of the old town of Jerusalem, handling day-to-day conflicts between the different confessions to maintain a semblance of status quo. But, when two holy days in the Muslim and Jewish calendars fall on the same day, it seems that, for some, this could be the perfect time to spark a war.

Our take

Ambitious, feverish and metaphorical, Jerusalem offers a unique view on the holy city and reveals all the universes clashing within those walls steeped in history. Following the fierce struggle of a man of honor, this existential and hyper-realistic thriller exposes the innards of a fantasized city where cops, criminals and monotheistic religions intertwine and fight each other for any tiny piece of land.

  • Created By David AKERMAN
  • Written By David AKERMAN
  • Directed By Ilan ABOODY
  • Music David KLEMES
  • With Doron BEN DAVID, Rotem SELA, Zvika HADAR, Makram J. KHOURY, Anastasia FEIN, Amjad BADER, Danny GEVA, Hisham SULIMAN, Jerry HYMAN, Ala DAKKA, Uli STERNBERG
  • International sales ITV STUDIOS
  • Broadcaster HOT