International Panorama

world premiere
Drama | Sweden | 2020

Episode(s): 1 & 2
Series: 8 x 45min

Malou lives in a rich suburb in Stockholm. When she goes bankrupt and starts being harassed by bailiffs, she stumbles by accident on a bag containing 47 million Swedish crowns. Liana is a single mother who collects odd jobs and whose ex-boyfriend is in jail for a robbery of 47 million crowns, a loot that has apparently disappeared… Pretty soon afterwards, Malou and Liana are going to cross paths in an unimaginable way.

Available on Saturday 08/28 at 9 p.m. and for 24 hours on
Limited tickets: reservation from 9 a.m. the day before

Our take

A social series presenting two wonderful single mother characters escaping the hell of financial debts only to dive into a full-blown thriller, Cohen brothers’ style, with bags full of cash, money laundering and colorful gangsters. Somewhere between the social chronicle and the dark comedy, this Swedish series is sensational to the limit. R.R.

  • Created By Levan AKIN, Mattias J SKOGLUND
  • Written By Levan AKIN, Mattias J SKOGLUND, Sara BERGMARK ELFGREN
  • Directed By Levan AKIN, Mattias J SKOGLUND, Måns MÅNSSON
  • Music Mats LUNDGREN
  • With Helena AF SANDEBERG, Bianca KRONLÖF, Johan HELDENBERGH, Philip OROS
  • Production Nexiko
  • International sales NEWEN CONNECT
  • Broadcaster SVT