Children in the woods

Yeladim Bayaar

International Panorama

international premiere
society - Thriller | Israel | 2021

Episode(s): 1,2
Series: 10 x 50min

Haya (Dalit Kahan) is a pregnant homeless, anti-social and mostly nonverbal, a squatter in an abandoned hotel. Ami (Yiftach Klein) is a police detective investigating an international organization that traffics in babies on the Dark Net. Ami fights to recruit Haya as an undercover agent, hoping to plant her in the organization’s “baby farm”.While they’ll try to shed light on the corridors of humanity ,they will illuminate the hidden corners of their own souls.

Not recommanded for children under 12.

Our take

Cleverly weaving together several parallel stories, showrunner Dalit Kahan paints a picture of the anxieties of our times, exploring what links together modern individuals in today’s society. Performing in the role herself, she gives life to the unforgettable character of a homeless woman, the true beating heart of this story that bears the scars of a fractured Israeli society and of a humanity that has forgotten itself. 

  • Created By Dalit KAHAN
  • Written By Dalit KAHAN
  • Directed By Ilan ABOODY, Dalit KAHAN
  • Music Assa RAVIV, Tom Meira ARMONY
  • With Dalit KAHAN, Yiftah KLEIN, Nausicaa BONNIN, Julián VILLAGRÁN, Sharon MALKI, Alon HAMAWI, Lidor EDRI, Lee BIRAN, Naomi LEVOV, Meirav GRUBER
  • Broadcaster yes TV
  • International sales ENDEMOL SHINE ISRAEL

19 March

Le Majestic
13:30 - 15:05

24 March

Le Majestic
18:00 - 20:05
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