VR Sessions


Duration: 1h
From 12 years old

36€ for 3 or 4 people.

Created by : Jean-Noël Chiganne
Narrated by : Alyssa Landry
Art direction : Alix Michel, Carole Chaland
Directed by : Tibor Baratin
Music : Laurent Julia
Production : Incarna

Another dimension does exist! Where the real meets the virtual, there are some dreamlike, mysterious lands waiting to be explored. Incarna is actively seeking a new kind of explorer, ready to accept the unthinkable. Join a team and observe, cooperate, resolve the puzzles, and face the dangers.

Together, complete the task and join the ranks of the Incarna explorers!




From 12 years old.

18€ for 2 people.

Created and written by: Backlight, Virtual Adventure
Directed by: Backlight
Music : TAPE
Production: BackLight and Virtual Adventure
International sales: Backlight
Broadcast: Backlight, Inoui VR

“Don’t just dream about going into space – actually make the trip!”

Experience an unforgettable adventure where a 4D VR escape game meets a space odyssey. For 20 minutes, two players take on their avatars and become members of the Eclipse II crew. Their mission involves heading into space to find the previous crew, with whom communication has been lost. You’ll need to board the Eclipse I vessel to bring home any survivors.
The program includes a trip through the cockpit, hangars, oxygen garden, and even a space mission. It’s gonna be quite a trip!



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